Coming Back Soon

Currently I am fighting a cold, which is why I haven’t posted in the last week. More posts will be coming soon, but in the meantime, comment below with your questions or comments for more post topics!  ūüôā Advertisements

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Make Your Own Lip Balm!

I made my own peppermint lip balm for Christmas this year, and everybody loved it.¬† I got the recipe from Wellness Mama, and whipped up a batch for 2014 Christmas presents.¬† This is a truly wonderful recipe, and if you’re interested in making your own, you should check out her recipe by clicking on the […]

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Splinched: Prodigal Warrior

To date this is the longest story I’ve ever written.¬† In a fit of madness I deleted most of my old writing from my computer, but this story survived because it was posted on the internet. This was a bit of a depressing and confusing time in my life, and therefore a depressing and confusing […]

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Splinched: Imprimis

This idea was originally formed after reading an Imprimis article from Hillsdale College. (The story’s title was simply a working title). ¬†The article dealt with the attacks on the electrical transformers in California. ¬†Originally I tried to also tackle this problem (why not bite off way more than we can chew?) But it morphed quickly […]

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Real Jelly Snacks 2.0

Here’s the second shot at making fruit snacks! Again, I followed the basic outline from The Gelatin Secret. Problems with the first batch: 1. Not enough flavor.¬† They were a great idea, and definitely gummy, but not very flavorful. 2. Too much honey.¬† Raw honey has a very distinct flavor, and this had too much. […]

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